ELLSWORTH                Germantown, WI

Distribution of Specialty Chemicals


Dow Corning, Loctite, 3M, Emerson & Cuming, Dymax, ResinLab, Glue Dots, Liquid Control, and many other Major Name Brand Adhesives;  Encapsulants; Coatings; Tapes; HotMelts; Sealants and Dispensing Products


Winston, GA

Manufacturing of Ergonomic Lifts 


Alum-A-Lift's is a forerunner in the design and construction of material handling ergonomic lifting devices. These highly engineered material handling ergonomic lift, lower, move, position, rotate, translate and hold objects too heavy for the unaided human, "THE BACK SAVER"


Ashburn, A             

Precision Cleaning Products and Services


All your electronics cleaning needs: Flux Residue, Solder Paste, Thick film Paste, SMT Adhesive, Solder balls, Underside Stencil Wiping, Turn Key Cleaning Process Solutions



Duluth, GA

High-Speed PCBA AOI Inspection & X-Ray Equipment


AOI: Used successfully world-wide for inspection of quality of paste printing, component placement and solder joints of electronic assemblies. X-ray: Non-destructive testing for concealed defects, Models ranging from off-line to fully automated in-line systems that combine AOI/AXI units



Torrance, CA

Aqueous Cleaners, Wave solder Ovens & Reflow Ovens


For over 20 years Technical Devices has been making its line of Nu/Clean Inline Aqueous Cleaners. We specialize in customizing each cleaner to your specific requirements. Wave solder: Internal Spray Fluxer forced air convection pre-heater. Titanium Dual Wave Solder. Reflow Oven: 16 heaters in 8 zones, Mesh Belt, auto width adjustment Life time warranty on heater elements



Torrance, SC

Digital Microscopes Inspection Systems  


Tagarno digital microscopes saves you time since they are user-friendly all-in-one solution, which makes it easy to use. Just Plug and play, Being able to obtain ergonomic correct working posture is a defining of the digital microscopes TAGARNO, which are designed with ergonomically aspect in mind. As the digital microscopes use a digital signal combined with a monitor, and therefore does not depend on an ocular for focusing, your eyes, neck and back are relieved of unnecessary strain, paving way for a more adequate and efficient and working process.